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Psychometric Assessments

Very few students have a clear vision of their career path in grade XII, the others, struggle to identify the right career choice for lack of knowledge about their personality type, aptitude, interest areas and matching career pathways. Their often-changing choices are influenced by external factors like parental push, peer pressure, fascination to a person/career and hence the indecisiveness.

Our standardized and globally accepted psychometric assessments help such students identify a suitable career pathway for them through a scientific approach.

Carrer Identification

With our one-to-one personalized counselling you shall be able to determine which course and country is best suited as per your personal & financial strength & which universities you can do best at. Our partnerships with world-class universities all over the world allows us to make available exclusive scholarships, error-free applications, timely correspondences & best possible results on visa applications for our valued students. We ensure that your journey from counselling to landing in the destination of your choice is as comfortable as possible.

Overseas Education in Dwarka
Overseas Education Delhi

Profile Building

An extremely important activity often taken lightly by the students, but not with us. A strong student profile is the key to selection in top colleges & universities across the globe as it improves your chances considerably.

At Parth Overseas education, our dedicated team engages with you to guide and support in building your profile that is customised so as to present your case in the best way.

Our experts know the key points universities are looking for and guide each student to pursue extra-curricular activities in accordance based on their application and university. Our team also charts and regularly evaluates their progress. Resulting in a high quality and strong application. Right from SOP editing services, CV building, personal profile building and more; we provide a comprehensive service with focused attention to every student.

Course & University Selection

Our one-to-one personalized counselling is aimed at helping you choose the most suitable course and country keeping in mind your profile, interests, future plans and financial status. Basis the extensive exercise we help you finalise a few universities that you can do best at.

Our extensive experience helps us in error-free applications, regular correspondence & 98% success rate on visa applications for our valued students. We guarantee a smooth start to your study abroad journey and ensure that it is seamless throughout its course.

Overseas Education in Delhi
Overseas Education Consultant in Dwarka

SOP/LOR and Essay Editing

We also help you in preparing a suitable Statement of Purpose that shall is a very crucial part of your admission procedure! However, unlike other consultants we don’t write the SOP for you, but guide and handhold you to write the SOP yourself to bring out your original thoughts and aspirations. This is what the universities look for-originality. In turn, it increases your chances of an offer letter considerably. But not to worry, we definitely edit and suggest changes in the SOP to make it impactful and convincing.

We also guide and handhold you in soliciting the right kind of LORs from the right people that shall align with your SOP and overall application.

In addition, our essay editing experts shall evaluate and edit your essays in such a way so as to maintain their originality yet make them more appealing to the universities.

Visa and Interview Preparation

The visa processing is an extremely important part of the overseas education process of a student as any error in its filing may ruin your chances to study in that country. That is why we give it prime importance. Our visa experts offer you a customized hand holding to ensure all your required documents are arranged, ordered and submitted well-in-time.

We also conduct mock visa interviews and share most relevant questions that may be of help in your actual interview. Besides, we continuously update ourselves and share all visa requirements and regulations as they vary from country to country.

Overseas Education Consultant
Best Overseas Education Consultant Dwarka

Scholarships and Financial Assistance​

One of the key deciding factors, in your study abroad journey, of the country & college is the financial aspect. The cost to study abroad and other related expenses vary from country to country, university to university, and also depend upon the course you want to pursue.

If you are able to get an educational loan, grant or scholarship from the college or university of your choice the immediate financial burden can be reduced to a great extent. To achieve this, proper guidance and extensive research is required which we assure you of. Our education counsellor can help you to – receive financial aid in terms of scholarships/ research assistantship etc depending on your academic profile.

And if you are looking for financial assistance in the form of a loan look no further. We have an in-house team to provide end-to-end service for education loan across India through Bank of Baroda.

Pre-departure guidance

Hey! So finally it’s time to take off, Not yet! One last session from our end still awaits which we conduct for you and your parents to address any queries or doubts that you may have.

This session is focussed on providing you detailed information on the essential things that you need to do on priority, once you land in your destination. Besides, we also share other details that may be minor but are extremely important.

Best Overseas Education Consultant
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book free consultation for abroad study

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Book your FREE 30 minute Consultation and Profile Evaluation with our Country Expert