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Ways to Study Abroad without IELTS

Indian students think it is a must that they appear for IELTS for abroad admissions, but we are sure it must have crossed your mind if it is possible to get in without appearing for it?

We’re here to answer that question: it’s very much achievable! 

Many universities in the USA, Europe, Australia, and Canada have this option or accept other tests. You can select one based on the programs and universities best suited for your pursuits. 

The first thing that comes to international students’ minds while applying for colleges is the English proficiency tests they must take. Many foreign universities accept IELTS as proof of English Proficiency, hence its popularity. 

The pressure of getting a high score can prove stressful for non-native speakers, and taking it multiple times can be a bother, not to mention an economic burden. To relieve you, we present a few alternatives to the IELTS and a list of institutes that do not demand it. 

For education in the UK, many universities assess your class 10 and 12 marks to determine your command of the language. Attending an English medium school is a requirement, corroborating as proof of your proficiency. Applicants must score at least 70% in their secondary and senior secondary examinations. Universities also conduct interviews which are paramount in determining your passion for your degree and fluency in English. 

The List of universities which offer admission without IELTS in the UK:

Apart from the UK, various countries in Europe offer programs under the condition that you must have proof of your communication skills and education in English. List of a few universities (countries not limited to the ones mentioned here):


For the universities in the USA, students need to show proof that they have attended secondary school taught in English, or they have to clear other language proficiency tests such as IELP (Intensive English Language Program). It differs from institute to institute, so going through the eligibility criteria is a must while applying. 

List of Universities you can refer to for admissions without IELTS:

For Canada, the process is strict. You must have studied in a country with English as a primary language for 4-5 years and may provide proof like letters of recommendation from the previous faculty. Alternative tests for Indian students are available such as PET. 

List Of Canadian Universities which offer admission without IELTS: 

study in canada wihtout ielts

Much like Canada, Australia also requires proof of education in English-medium schools. They give admissions on diverse factors. Some even accept alternative test scores. 


List of Australian universities without IELTS compulsion: 

Not all universities require an IELTS score. If you prefer to take a test or your university requires one, some alternative tests to IELTS are as follows:

  • Pearson (PTE Academic): It is known to be easier than the IELTS, and the results are out typically within 48 hours. It costs around the same and is time-efficient with 2 hours for the entire exam, including the speaking section. Most countries accept it, even the PTE Academic Online test. Examples are the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. 
  • Duolingo (DET): Duolingo now offers an online English proficiency test accepted by 3500+ institutes worldwide, including Yale. The test is 1 hour long, and scores are out in 2 days. You can get your score and interview for only INR 3,999, while most other certification tests are costly. 
  • C1 (Earlier Cambridge Advanced Exam or CAE): It is an advanced test which assesses your proficiency and develops skills for living/studying/working in an English-speaking country. You can take it online or at a centre. 
  • International Test of English Proficiency (iTEP): You can take the iTEP IVP at-home admissions test or attempt one at a centre in India. It aims to assess real-world English-speaking abilities and gives your results within 24 hours. Over 1000 universities have partnered with iTEP academic tests, including NYU and Virginia Tech. 
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): Most widely used test to apply abroad by international students, it takes 3h30 mins approximately, and you record the speaking section. The test costs almost the same as IELTS but has MCQs instead of various types of answers. 

In conclusion, IELTS is not compulsory; countless universities across the globe accept international students without IELTS. You may put your fears about the daunting IELTS aside to explore other exam options or universities.

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